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Expert EOS Implementer™

The Entrepreneurial Operating System™ (EOS) is a powerful system that combines timeless business principles with a set of simple, practical tools that help entrepreneurs get more of what they want from their businesses, enabling them to crystalize their vision, build discipline and accountability, and cultivate healthy, functional and cohesive leadership and management teams.

Entrepreneurial Operating System


As a Certified Predictive Index Partner, Talegy sells, services, consults and trains businesses in all things PI. We help bridge the gap between business strategy and people strategy, enabling our clients to build a workforce of top performers, design culture and team dynamics, develop leadership competency, and solve their biggest business challenges through talent optimization.


Masterful Management

Masterful Management is a one-stop, on-demand training platform, housing over 550 expert-authored, soft skill courses leaders, managers, supervisors, and teams need for business success. For a flat annual fee, clients get premium course content without paying a premium, address soft skills training needs for years to come, and keep learners engaged by staying in touch when they can’t be face-to-face.

Masterful Management

Virtual Business Coaching

Virtual Business Coaching provides seven distinctive coaching
programs, Self-Discovery, Life Coaching, Balance and Self-Care, Time
Management, Goal-Setting, Career Coaching, and Business and Life. Each
program gives clients the resources and tools they need—as well as timely
feedback, recognition, clarity and support—to re-tool their life and career.

Virtual Business Coaching

Replacing the Rainmaker

Replacing the Rainmaker helps accounting firms achieve business development success. We offer an array of resources, including a book and online workshops, all of which are accounting-focused and include specific processes to put ideas into action. Put together, we provide firms with everything they need to ensure their long-term prosperity.

EZ Coach

EZ Coach’s online soccer training system is revolutionary! We offer 8 digital card sets by age level for coaches of U5-U12 field players, plus 2 goalkeeper card sets, and 2 card sets for players who want to practice at home. Each card set features 50 activities and 5 skill demonstrations organized into a 12-week lesson plan. Activities are quick, easy to set up, and guaranteed to keep kids engaged.

EZ Coach

Team Retreatz

Team Retreatz delivers memorable out-of-office gatherings that ignite creativity, passion and productivity. They provide unique opportunities for teams to do meaningful work while growing, developing, learning, and having fun. The transformative experience they undergo ensures employees feel valued and return to the workplace with renewed vitality and purpose.

My Story

Ian’s journey to Ian Tonks Companies began in the late 1990s, when he spent seven years running a 650-employee company that provided youth sports programming to a variety of professional sports organizations, including Major League Soccer, the NFL and Jack Nickalus’ Golden Bear International.

After getting married in 2006, he traded the grind of 100,000+ flight miles a year for the short commute to a private Bay Area University, where he led several capital fundraising campaigns and saw the institution through its transition to NCAA division 2.

In 2009, seeking to break free from academic bureaucracy, he launched a business development practice to pursue his true passion and purpose: helping business leaders plan more strategically, grow more reliably, and maximize the talent in their companies. His first business book, “Replacing the Rainmaker”, published in 2015, was an homage to six years spent in the trenches with an amazing collection of business visionaries.

Today, fusing three decades of executive and entrepreneurial experience, he splits time helping entrepreneurs get more from their businesses, bridging the gap between business strategy and people strategy, delivering soft skills training to leaders, managers, supervisors and teams, coaching individuals to re-tool their career and live their best life, teaching accountants to better serve their clients and win more work, facilitating memorable out-of-office gatherings, and developing easier ways to coach youth sports.

He holds an MBA in strategic leadership from Dominican University of California, and a bachelor’s degree in sports science from the University of Northumbria. His passions include exercise, golf, family and travel. A native of England, he lives in Irvine, California, with his wife and teenage daughter.

Ian Tonks

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